Hey there! I’m Wade, an energetic, confident and enthusiastic individual with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Based in London and Cambridge, I have a variety of experience with supporting creative projects whilst being proactive and flexible in my duties - ensuring the task’s success.

With a genuine fascination for storytelling, I revel in the creative process of T.V. and Film, be it creating a compelling scene through script writing, bringing concepts to life through Direction, or ensuring the production runs smoothly and on time as a runner - on set or in the office. My ambition is to work my up to either a 1st Assistant Director, or to explore the pathways in production management.

I’m confident in my skillset and ability to get stuck in with supporting the production team, whilst developing my expertise further by working with new colleagues within the screen industry. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. Call me on +44 754 54 322 13 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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What is "WadeBox"?

Essentially, it's an easy and memorable identity / avatar for myself. The origin comes from when creating a YouTube channel for a college project, with the name referencing a T.V. 'Box', whilst also meaning that myself - "Wade" - is outside the "Box".

Why isn't all your content available on your YouTube channel?

This is mostly due to the large teams that I was involved with during these productions. Most of my content was worked on through the AWKOR collaborative group, of which our work can be found on the AWKOR YouTube Channel.

A few projects are kept offline for varying reasons, however, can be supplied upon request.

Why are you based in 2 locations?

Though I currently live in London, I do have a base of operations in Cambridge, which allows me to easily move around for the job in hand. Additionally, I am willing to work anywhere and everywhere in the UK and globally, in addition to moving closer to the location i'm needed in.

Any questions left?

Call me on +44 754 54 322 13
Email me at Wade@WadeBox.com

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